College marketing assignment

15 06 2009

We often get requests from photography students working on assignments to assist them in filling in their questionnaires – one such questionnaire is attached..

Pretty boring answers but what time permitted.

Marketing Assignment:

  1. Name of the photographer: Matt Raven
  1. Name of the business: IVOK STUDIO – Home Of Photo
  1. Photographer’s details:
  1. When did the business start and what were the first steps taken to make it successful and how long did it take to make the business a successful?

The business was officially opened in 2005. First step was creating a corporate identity (name, marketing material, website etc.) and investing in the necessary equipment. A fair investment was made to establish a full studio.

We’re still growing the brand (a never-ending job), now have studios in Randburg, Hatfield, Silverton, Kyalami and Wynberg, run Africas largest photographic event (the PHOTO & FILM EXPO) and expect to be “successful” sometime soon.

  1. What areas of photography does this business specialise in?

Studio photography mainly, but we also provide photographers for events, shoot stills and location shoots as per customer requirements.

  1. What kind of photography is greatly enjoyed?

Travel and wildlife.

  1. What area of photography produces the most income?


  1. Does the business advertise? Where, when and how.

We get our clients by marketing wherever possible, we have no less than 5 magazine adverts every month, we sporadically advertise on radio stations (like Highveld, 5FM and community stations like Tuks FM), we are all over the web (directories, networking sites, paid advertising and links) as well as having our own websites and viral campaigns (such as A large portion of our work is referral based but it’s essential nonetheless to maintain visibility.

  1. Does this certain way of advertising benefit the business?

We’re regarded as one of the best branded small businesses in SA so yes.

  1. What are your marketing strategies? (Promotions, specials etc)

We have a very fluid strategy and tend to run several promotions at a time; currently we have shoot package deals, band promos in magazines and we’re promoting the show in July.

  1. Who is your target market?

Upper LSM brackets.

  1. Do you have a brand identity? (Logo’s etc)

Yes – it’s very important to create a good corporate image when starting a business. IVOK are known for their branding and our red shirts are clearly visible wherever we go.

  1. How is this brand identity used?

Everywhere, clothing, web identity, printed material etc.

  1. Any other tips / advice that will be useful in the marketing area which is used by your business?

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